Highlighting New Port Richey: Angel's Art Attic

Angel's Art Attic is the perfect outing for visitors and locals who want to unleash their creative side. Guests can select their favorite piece of pottery to paint, join in on an interactive art class, or simply shop for beautiful pieces crafted by local artisans.
We sat down with Angel Bloden Brudnicki to discuss her passion for her work, what brought her to New Port Richey and what she loves about this town.
Fun fact: Angel has already stayed more than 30 nights at The Hacienda (and she lives right around the corner). She is often referred to by staff as the "Queen" of The Hacienda because she is so frequently found enjoying the property.



Tell us about your business.

I opened Angel’s Art Attic one year ago on Feb 18, 2022. We are an eclectic type of gallery showcasing Paint-Your-Own Ceramics and Classes on one side,  and featuring local artists’ works on the other! My Pride and joy of the gallery is our Budding Artist Gallery, where local kids, ages 3-16, can rent a shelf for $5 and display their artwork. Whatever they sell, the kids receive 100% of their money.

 What made you decide to start Angel's Art Attic?

I decided to open Angel’s Art Attic because of my love of art and creativity! I believe everyone has some type of artistic talent, and here at the gallery they can try different things and tap into what type of creativity they have! I also love the fact that we have so many amazing artists in the area, and their work needs to be seen and enjoyed.

What are some of the classes you have coming up?

Some of our upcoming classes are Budding Artist Camp which is an art day camp for kids ages 5-13. We also do classes for bracelet making, doll making, creating with resin, creating with glass frit and molds, watercolor painting, paper quilling, pastel drawing, and hand-building with clay!

What do you think your business adds to the community?

I think my business adds an artistic freedom where people can come in and create while being in an environment surrounded by amazing art from all my artists to draw inspiration.

What do you love about New Port Richey?

The whole small-town feel! Everyone knows everyone. The small businesses here in town are just amazing and there is truly something for everyone. I think it’s absolutely beautiful here, and it has The Hacienda, and anyone that knows me, knows how obsessed I am with the hotel!

For more information visit https://artstudionewportrichey.com/




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